Wednesday, July 30, 2014

dishes and bottles and jars oh my

 If you've ever taken a moment or two to shift your eyes ever-so-slightly to the right and have a read over my quick-bio, you'll know one of my favorite things in the world (after Junior Mints but before movies about weird hill people) is having a collection of jars/bowls/dishes around me at all times. Good God I can't keep my hands off of them. I'm a big fan of vintage shopping and it seems that no matter what I wander into a musty old shop for, I invariably leave with a paper bag of milk glass dishes rustling in newspaper wrapping. 

I stash them everywhere around the house and use them to store tiny necessities. Here's a little inspiration from me to you, just to fuel your own dish-ddiction. 
I keep a small milk glass bowl and ex-creamer pitcher on my desk for easy access to my favorite lip balm and most-loved pens (Le Pen, can't go wrong). P.S. I'm so enamored with these "is the new black" pencils, I haven't had the heart to sharpen them.

In my bedroom, little dishes and antique mirrored platters add a sweet touch to my jewelry/perfume storage. The ultimate find? The above chicken dish scavenged from an antiques mall in my hometown which keeps my daily wears safe at night. 

On my beloved bar cart, my glass apothecary jar hosts red-and-white striped straws, a tiny red Pyrex rectangle has playing cards at the ready for impromptu games, and I have a few of my favorite bottles out just for fun. Because what the hell is a collection for if you can't just-for-fun display the goods?

Are you an accumulator of favorite pieces? What are your favorite things to collect, and how do you display them? I'd love to hear...I could always use another addiction :) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

dreamy weekends

Our weekends won't stop being wonderful, but I'm not complaining. They're filled with friend dates, finally crossed off to-do's, and just enough relaxation to make us ready for the week ahead. Sundays have always been my favorite day. Yesterday, we woke up early and took Albie out for coffee (hazelnut lattes for us, water for him) downtown at Aroma's, a delicious and local coffeehouse. 
Aroma's is such a treat. From the deep, relaxing wall-to-wall wood to the seriously tasty bits, it's not just a place to grab a kick of caffeine. It's a total experience. Everyone should have a coffee shop like that, a place to sit, read, study and enjoy a cuppa. I have about ten in my city.  There should be a healthy mix of students cramming for exams, old health enthusiasts who stop daily after their morning bike ride, and a couple of weird-o's, you know the kind, God bless 'em. The baristas should be just the right amount of surly and always bearded. 
We finished up our Sunday morning with a short walk around downtown and a little fearful scampering away from some very barky white puffs of toy poodle or shih tzu on Albert's part. Follow that up with two trips to Target, tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, and a Ridley Scott Alien marathon, and you have a perfect Sunday. 
For extra love, add partial cloud-cover and a new candle (tobacco and patchouli...drooling). 

How was your weekend? What are your favorite bits about Saturdays and Sundays? Give me some to-dos for next time! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

and it's nice to be alive

(Duck, Duck, Goose @ Block 16 Omaha, little puffs of cuteness, Sunday cuddles, eCreamery's banana gelato)

And with that, I am finally home. I've been back in the U.S. for nearly two months, but I only feel as though I'm finally settled now that our plane from Los Angeles has landed. In the weeks I've been stateside, it's been a constant go-go-go. Denver to Fort Collins to Sidney to Omaha back to Sidney back to Omaha to Los Angeles with work, door-knocking for extra cash, and playing catch-up with friends in between. 

And suddenly it's August. August. I start school in a month and a day. I blow out 21 candles in a little over three weeks. So even though I'm not sure how or when this summer totally flew by, I'm happy. It's been a short one, but the season has been filled with all of my favorite things: evening grill-outs on the patio, afternoon iced coffee dates, long hours spent at the pool followed by sushi. 

I wrote my two L.A. posts the day after I returned, and then had some real trouble finding inspiration. Every time I sat down to type up a post, I couldn't do it. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to write about--I was going out to new restaurants, making lots of plans with friends, showing off the city to an out-of-town day guest. Then it all clicked: I was just too busy enjoying the summer sun and the people I was with to stop and take photos. I was too exhausted to sit down in the evening and recount what happened that day to my laptop. 

I adore blogging and I love sharing my most-loved bits of life with you. But it's also nice to take a moment and just enjoy life for the sake of simply enjoying life. What are you loving about life these days? 

(Because in addition to enjoying, well, everything, I am very much so enjoying my new favorite X-Ray specs that are never EVER leaving my face). 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the land

"Well, I've been to DisneyWorld, and I've been to California Adventure, but I've never actually been to DisneyLand." 
What. I was confused as to how a boy who has visited Southern California no less than three times in his life (once specifically to Disneyland with his high school band...or is that some nerdy secret I was supposed to keep?) had never done a day or two at The Land. I mean, that place is essentially my childhood and dreams and greatest secret fantasies all come true (the castle! the tchotchkes! the soft pretzels!). Being the benevolent and caring girlfriend I am, I made it my mission to make sure the boy didn't miss out on the best part of childhood and took him to Disneyland.

Monday, July 21, 2014

beachy bbq

Apologies for the minor MIA this week. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed I snapped a picture in a pretty conspicuous space and if you put the pieces together, you'll have figured out that the boy and I took a quick trip to Los Angeles. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


One hazy Saturday morning, the boy and I decided we needed something just a tad more nourishing for breakfast than yesterdays Dunkin' Donuts. The kind of nourishing that is hot, greasy, and cooked exclusively with margarine. Enter: 11 Worth Cafe. 

Much to your surprise, I'm sure, I'm not much of a breakfast foods person. But I just can't say no to a diner. The mustier the better, in my book. I like my linoleum checkered and my waitresses surly. So when Brendan mentioned he had been introduced to a wondrous, delicious, artifact of a diner mere minutes away from our house, I essentially forced him to take me. 
I'd go so far as to say 11 Worth is an Omaha institution. Everyone from Midtown to Benson to Downtown has made a trip here at some point. And they all agree that 11 Worth is totally plate-licking good, but I think the portions are what keep folks coming back. Seriously. Heaping piles of fluffed eggs. Long, thick crackling slices of bacon. Endless cups of strong, black coffee. 

And for me? An extra large slice of apple pie, warm and sweet. 
I think I'll come back. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

a lack of stars

With such a low-key fourth this year, I didn't have any place to dress up in red, white, and blue. I (tried) to make up for my lack of patriotism with some stripes to the cinema, despite my star-lessness.